Meow There!

I'm Anne MiYu, an independent model from Asia who enjoys sharing her sexy self. Currently a "Precious Level" and ranks top 2 model in the largest cat girl community in the world,

  • Laces, fishnet stockings, corsets, bras and panties -- I feel sexiest and most feminine when I wear them!

  • Not the crazy one, but a sexy one! Purr... I love wearing cat ears and behaving like a frisky sexy kitty.

  • Normal is boring! Life is too short to not explore and experiment. I enjoy the BDSM lifestyle.

  • The body is a wonderland. Expressing every curve (and flaws) of my body is a form of self-love.

  • Fan from Colorado, US

    Your content is fantastic too and pretty professional I'm very impressed.

  • Fan from Manila, Philippines

    Anne MiYu is your girl-next-door who embodies sexiness and confidence in her own subtle ways. She will fulfill your deepest and darkest desires as long as you keep this kitty happy and satisfied.

  • Fan from Colorado, US

    Honestly your production grade is much higher and you even have your own fancy website and work on making sure links work properly and stuff so you're like leagues ahead of many other women in terms of professionalness. Just remember how damn awesome your stuff!

  • Fan from Singapore

    Anne is a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality. She was very accommodating with what I wanted and was open to suggestions. We managed to agree on the content and she delivered it on time. What is even better is that she is so sexy ;) really makes a man happy just to see her

  • Fan from California, USA

    After I bought the first set, I came back for more. All beautiful pictures, I will look at them over and over.

  • Fan from the UK

    Anne MiYu is such a beautiful kitten. Every time I see a new set from this lady I am in awe. Stunning, sensual, intelligent, fierce... not one to be underestimated!

  • Fan from Ohio, USA

    Hi Anne! Hope you're well! Just want to let you know how much I love your work...your photos and FB page are awesome, and your website is great! Sending you best wishes for happiness and continued success ! 😊💖 your fan for life, DK (Ohio, USA)


Sent by a Fan

My fan boy, as he claims himself (and I would say my biggest fan), bought my autographs back in 2019. He sent me this, showing that he framed my photo on his office desk! How sweet of him. It makes me happy how much he appreciates me and my craft.


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