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I am Anne MiYu, a 27-year-old independent model and BDSM practitioner from Manila, Philippines. I started modeling in 2016. I simply posted some sexy photos of mine online and I got contacted by professional and hobbyist photographers who booked me for shoots. On the very first photoshoot I had, I immediately challenged myself and tried Japanese bondage, known as Shibari. I got tied up and suspended in the air! It was dangerous but it was incredibly fun, and I was proud I was able to pull it off, especially being a newbie.

Photography and rope by: Lakan Lim, 2016

From there, I have been contacted by several photographers who wanted to shoot boudoir, fine art nude, and BDSM-oriented themes, such as Domination-submission and Shibari.

Photography: Randy Yu, 2018

In 2017, I got accepted to be a model for the first online magazine dedicated to cat girls and the kittenplay lifestyle (a subset of BDSM), The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor. It also is the largest kittenplay community in the world. Currently, I rank top 2 out of 250+ kitten models and has the status of “Precious Level“, a coveted title in the kitten play world. The community has been featured on VICE two times and has amassed almost 13 million views! It is quite popular and has been featured on national TV in the United States, among many other media channels. With all my contributions to the community, I recently got hired to manage the website and be officially part of the Team.

A lot of my fans and supporters are from Colorado, US because of the exposure that TheChateau.org has given me.

When I appeared on national TV in the Philippines, on one of the most watched TV shows in the country at the time.

My modeling is more of a hobby and I really enjoy doing it — it is incredibly fun! I enjoy dressing up and expressing my sexy self. It started out as a hobby until I was able to earn from this craft which was all made possible by the undying support of my fans.

BDSM and I

Photography by: Deck Mara, 2016

You must have heard Fifty Shades of Grey. If you have, then I am just like Anastasia Steel who is a submissive, enjoys obeying a Dominant (portrayed as Christian Grey in the book/movies), being tied up, spanked, and whipped. While the community and I consider the franchise as a terrible reference for BDSM, I would say I am thankful for it for bringing the lifestyle to mainstream — somehow people have felt less weirded out by the idea of being tied up and getting pleasure from pain.

I was not always kinky, I tell you. In fact, I was a church girl until 2015. Maybe you can say I got rebellious for being the total opposite of the person I used to be. In the words of Dua Lipa, I “did a full 180°, crazy”. Perhaps, I’ve always had it in me but it was suppressed for a very long time. Through experiments and self-exploration, I got into the lifestyle in August 2016 and have continually got deeper into it. As of now, I am not in any Dominant-submissive relationship, but I am always open into committing to one, if I find the right person who would share fantastic chemistry with me.

With this lifestyle, my modeling has been geared towards erotic content. Being a submissive personally has been helpful because not many models are open into doing erotic themes.


The Kinky Kitty

Photography by: Randy Yu, 2019

I’ve always been a huge cat person! Everyone who knew me have always associated me with cats. While I was already into BDSM, I did not know anything about the kink, petplay, specifically kittenplay. A Dominant introduced it to me and I immediately got drawn into it, especially upon discovering The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor. I started wearing cat ears in public more regularly. The initial reactions of strangers would be I’m copying Ariana Grande, or the Filipino singer, Yeng Constantino (funnily, people always told me she and I look alike) who both made it popular. If not, people always think I’m a neko girl and doing cosplay.

I am very committed to the kittenplay lifestyle and it is one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Frankly, it is something I cannot remove from myself anymore as it became a very significant part of myself and life. This is why you see me wearing cat ears and tails while wearing sexy outfits!

I also do feet modeling for those with foot fetish! I posted photos of me with my feet and have been told I have a beautiful pair. From there, I started doing foot fetish sessions where I get paid for someone to worship my feet and have also got into selling feet pics and videos.
My feet lovers are actually some of the most supportive fans I have!

When I’m Not Modeling…

I’m more than just a “pretty” face. Currently, I am a freelancer who does professional photo editing and develops websites — yes, I can code! All the images you see on this website, including all my photoshoots were edited by yours truly! I am self-taught and learned photo editing and website development when I was only 11 years old (thanks to MySpace and Friendster lol). Right now, I do website maintenance for our cat girl community, TheChateau.org, and have built the website for my fellow model, Melissa Drew. This very website of mine, AnneMiYu.com, I have built from scratch.

Additionally, I have a bachelor’s degree on Organizational Communication, which I’ve earned from one of the top and well-known universities in my country. 

My latest full-time job was an Operations Manager at a digital marketing agency wherein I did client-facing and handled a team of creatives producing social media content, as well as website development. On the side, I also did events promotion for raves and EDM festivals where I’ve promoted big names such as Tiesto, Skrillex, Alesso, Blasterjaxx, to name a few.


In terms of work, my current goal is to help adult content creators edit their photos and develop websites. Since I’m already in this lifestyle, I understand their business models and branding more, and there won’t be any judgment coming from me. In other words, I’m kink-friendly therefore it makes it safer and more comfortable for men, especially women to work with me.

A lot are wondering why I still do sexy modeling when I don’t really need to. Well, it isn’t all about the money, really. I just very much enjoy expressing my sexy self and I believe there is nothing wrong with that! Since I started doing this, a lot of women have also expressed to me how much I’ve inspired them to be more confident about themselves and that makes me incredibly happy! I will continue doing what I do, no matter what others say.

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