Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer things that a lot of you have always wanted to know about me!

Be sure to visit my About Me page first.


What’s your age, height, weight, vital statistics, etc?

Age: 27
Location: Manila, Philippines
Height: 4’11” / 150cm
Weight: 44kg
Vital statistics: 34A-26-36
Shoe size: US 7 / EU 38
Modeling since: November 2016 — Read my About Me to learn more about how I got started!
Religion: Agnostic
Political view: Left wing/liberal

How much are your modeling rates?

My rates for modeling depend on the theme and complexity of the shoot. This can only be discussed privately. To inquire, shoot me a message. Detail your concept for the shoot and I’ll send you my rates and terms & conditions.

Do you do ex-deals/TFP for shoots?

Yes, I do! While I do ex-deals/TFP, please know I do not allow all concepts. I also tend to be picky with whom I shoot with. I normally only shoot with photographers whose outputs are good quality. If you’re a newbie, I most likely won’t do ex-deal/TFP with you, sorry!

Can photographers earn from your website?

Yes and no. With some photographers, I had a deal with them wherein they can use/sell my photos how ever they want to, while also allowing me to do the same.

Meanwhile, with some photographers, I share the profit with them so they can at least recover the costs for renting a hotel/AirBnb for the shoot location.

Do you shoot with all photographers?

Nope, sorry! I’m pretty picky with who I work with. I’ve been doing this for almost half a decade now so I no longer am “desperate” to get booked by photographers only to have poor output. I value my image so I would rather do ex-deal/TFP with an excellent photographer than get paid for photographs of me that I’ll end up regret doing.

Do you do porn and/or allow full nudity on your content?

Not exactly. While I’m also a nude/erotica model, I have certain restrictions on what I allow to be photographed. I have done frontal nudity, but it was fine art such as bodyscapes and not what you typically see on pornographic sites.  That is why if you notice, my nude modeling is mostly fine art and not really FHM or “flashy” style. I’d like to keep it tasteful hence you won’t see me licking phallic objects or such.

Most often than not with nudity, I only allow implied nudity — completely naked but lady parts covered.

Honestly, so many people have been wanting me to post on PornHub but I’m just not comfortable with it. I am very conscious of what I put out there.

Do you do escort services, live camming, and the likes?

No, I do not and have never. I support sex workers, in fact, I am even pro legalizing prostitution (I am only against it due to human trafficking), however it’s simply not my thing.

I also have never taken payments or gifts for sex. Again, not my thing. I even receive offers from men who want to shower me with money so long as I date them, but I just can’t imagine having a sugar daddy. I don’t know, money is nice but I’m also very picky with whom I get involved with personally.

Do you do professional sessions where you can be my submissive?

Nahhh. I do not submit to just anyone as it requires special connection for me to do so, thus doing it with a total stranger would be impossible for me.

I do foot fetish sessions though! I charge minimum $80/Php4,000 for 2 hours only for someone to kiss, lick, and worship my feet. Strictly no foot jobs and the like — I am not comfortable touching someone’s crotch, let alone see or touch your penis. You must provide the venue and I must be allowed to bring a companion, for security purposes — s/he won’t be watching but will be around during the time to make sure I’m safe and you won’t do anything stupid! Message me if you want to book a private session!

If you have a decent livelihood and graduated from a reputable university, why do you still do sexy modeling?

Because I LIKE IT! I believe there is nothing wrong with what I’m doing. Frankly, it was never about the money and I’ve only started monetizing on this just recently. I did not really see a market but then I unexpectedly made fans who are willing to spend just to get my photos.

Why be a nude model when you can do something else that’s “decent”, like fashion model?

If you read it on my About page, I got into modeling for simply posting sexy photos of myself online until I got booked to do photoshoots. I never really imagined myself to be a paid model. Seriously, I just didn’t think anyone would want to shoot with me.

I am also honest with myself that I do not have the right look to be a fashion model. I can’t do runway because I’m short. Meanwhile, my facial structure is quite common and not something the fashion industry would typically get.

Why not be a published model and go mainstream?

With the kind of work I do, I try to limit my exposure. I have been invited to model for some online magazines but I had to decline. I also do not want myself to be on sexy mainstream media like FHM, Maxim, etc.

I do client-facing at work and I don’t want them to remember me as the girl they saw on some men’s magazine. With the little popularity I have, I actually have been in awkward situations wherein a client/someone in the industry has recognized me from the modeling I do, and it didn’t feel nice, honestly. Haha. I am not ashamed to be a sexy model at all, just that I don’t want my clients/colleagues to permanently remember me for being a sexy model. I want them to remember me for being smart, sophisticated, and professional.

You don’t seem too active on social media? Why not build a huge following?

Sadly, I suffer from anxiety and I tend to freak out when showered with too much attention. I’m a social butterfly but I do have limits. Having a huge following is too high maintenance for me.

While I’d like to have more supporters and fans, I’m honestly happy with my small following yet such loyal fans!

What is your diet and/or work out?

My diet is plant-based as I am vegan since July 2018 — I no longer believe that animals are made to be eaten nor for our consumption.

Nobody tends to believe but I actually never work out. My body is the way it is, all natural! And no, it’s not because of my plant-based diet as I’ve always looked like this before the transition. Perhaps I’m quite blessed?

Are you single?

Yes, I am. Currently not keen into dating as I just got out of a relationship that was very significant to me. In case you wonder, my recent partner was very supportive of me with my sexy modeling and he even helped me coordinate with buyers/fans with their orders. Therefore, if you have the idea that I cannot get a “decent” boyfriend who would treat me well because of what I do, that is completely incorrect.

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