Made Specially For YOU! Request Custom Content


Want stuff from me made just for you?

Here is your chance to get personalized photos and videos from me!

Do you want me to wear a certain outfit, do a certain pose?

Would you like some video greeting on your special day or tell you sexy things?

Tell me, I’ll gladly obey.


How it works?
  1. Fill out the request form below.
  2. I will review your request if it is something I can do for you.
  3. I will email you back with the total price and delivery date.
  4. Send 50% down payment (International: credit/debit card via PayPal. Local: BDO, BPI, Gcash) to confirm.
    The request will not be started unless your payment has been made.
  5. Once your custom content is available, make the remaining payment. Afterwards, your custom content will be sent to you via email, GDrive, DropBox, WeTransfer (whichever you prefer).



The price of the content depends on the complexity and quantity of your request.

Here are pricing from some custom content requests in the past:

  • $10 for selfies wearing bikini
  • $10 for a few sexy selfies
  • $20 for self-shot mobile photos wearing school girl outfit to do certain poses (but the fan was too generous and sent me $100 and sponsored the props, as well)
  • $60 for two 2-minute videos and 10 pictures of my pretty feet (my feet content are more expensive because my feet are “less common” in the market)


  • Limited to non-professional production at the moment — selfies/mobile phone-shot photos and videos only
  • Strictly no explicit nudity/porn (no showing of private parts) — up to teasing only
  • Nothing too sexual like licking/sucking dildos or phallic objects, humping, etc.


Tell me what you want!


How does purchase work on your website?

The default currency for all prices quoted are in USD. My website does not store any of your credit/debit card information. The only information I shall receive are: your name, email address, order details.
I am using a 3rd party platform for payments which take up to 18.5% cut from my sales, so please be understanding with my price points. I honestly lose a lot from transaction fees, conversion rates, and expenses. Unfortunately, due to being an individual with what’s considered adult products, as well as being located in the Philippines, most optimal payment gateways are not available for me.

If you want to be more supportive so I won’t suffer from the ridiculous fees I have to pay, we can do a private transaction (via credit/debit card through PayPal + email/GDrive) and I’d appreciate that a lot!

Convert USD

*Estimate only and subject to change due to actual exchange rates

From :
To :

I bought your photoset but I didn’t get the download?

My website is using an external platform for processing orders, payments, and downloads. Therefore, it is very unlikely you will not get your download after purchase as you will also receive a copy of the downloads as your receipt. I have tested the system myself thus any claim that I should resend you the download because you were not able to receive it shall be disregarded. Please make sure to check your emails if you aren’t able to download on the website.

Refunds, Cancellations, Returns

Once you have completed your purchase, there is no refund. Refunds can only be made according to the following instances:

  • The props you want me to buy to use on custom content requests are unavailable
  • Prints — if the printing shop, for some reason, suddenly becomes unavailable

For cancellations, you can always cancel your order before proceeding with purchase.
As for custom content requests, once down payment has been paid, cancellations can no longer be made.

Returns are only applicable for prints and can only be issued once proven that the items shipped were damaged/defective. Before shipping, I will send you photos of the state of the item(s) to show its condition.

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